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The Vladimir Putin Interview (tuckercarlson.com)

Putin gives his perspective about why the US has been constantly at war since 1990. He touches on how the western government agencies create self-serving public policies to justify wars. This interview gives insight into the use of propaganda by western governments against their own public to fund wars at all costs. The Russian President discusses at length how Ukraine was formed, NATO’s multiple expansions, and NATO’s involvement in coups throughout eastern Europe. After watching this interview, one can see the obvious parallels between the Russian government’s media censorship and how Western governments have gotten adept at muzzling mass media and using propaganda to support their policies.

There is in-depth discussion about failed treaties and agreements, NATO’s de-facto involvement in destruction of the Russian-German Nord Stream gas pipelines, how the Russian-Ukrainian war started, why Russia pulled troops from Kiev in the early days of the conflict, why Ukraine abandoned a settlement, and how the stalemate may end.

Watch the full interview.
Published on Feb 8, 2024•127 mins
Source: The Vladimir Putin Interview (tuckercarlson.com)